Attendee FAQ's

Here are some commonly asked questions at Sex Expo by attendees. We tried to cover all general enquires below. If you have any other question than listed below then feel free to use the contact form.
1Q: What can I expect at the festival?
A: The festival starts out with an expo like setting where Exhibitors will be displaying/selling their products or services. There will also be classes, contests and entertainment to enjoy during the expo. When the expo portion ends there will be a themed Swinger After-Party, Fetish Friday and Naughty or Nice Saturday, that is a club like setting.
2Q: Do I have to be a Swinger to come to the Expo?
A: No, the Expo is available to anyone over the age of 21 that is looking for sexual themed products or services.
3Q: What kind of Exhibitors will be at the Festival?
There is a wide variety of Exhibitors that include Sex Toy Stores, Body Painting, Massages, Boudoir Photography and so much more! Exhibitors like Fantasy Gifts, Bondesque, Gay 90's, The House, House of Sin, and others.
4Q: How do I book a room?
A: You're able to book using this link, Rooms are still available.
5Q: If I’m curious about the various Lifestyles but not sure, is this event right for me?
A: Yes. This Festival is the perfect opportunity to come and explore the Lifestyle with no pressure. Come as strangers and leave with new friends. There will be various classes to answers some of your questions.
6Q: We are newbies, is this event right for me?
A: Yes. This event is perfect for everyone from curious to long time Lifestyle veterans.
7Q: Are singles allowed to attend?
A: Yes. Both single men and women are able to attend. Due to the nature of the festival, we do limit the number of single men able to attend the After Party.
8Q: Is there pressure to do things that I’m uncomfortable doing?
A: No. You have the right to say no to anything that you are uncomfortable doing and it will be respected. If at any time you feel pressure, find an event staff and we will take care of it.
9Q: Do I have to be signed up on a Lifestyle site to attend?
A: Yes if you want to attend the After Party. This is required so that our Attendees can be verified prior to coming to our Festivals. You do not have to be signed up on a Lifestyle site to attend the Expo only.
10Q: What is a Lifestyle website?
A: A Lifestyle Website is a membership website that you belong to like,,, etc. (We do accept other websites as well.) During the checkout process you will be asked for the name of the Lifestyle Website and your profile name.
11Q: What is the Meet N Greet Area?
A: The Meet N Greet Area is designed for people to meet. There will be specific times for different groups both days. i.e. Unicorn Speed Meeting, Couples for Single Males, BDSM groups, LGBTQ, Swingers Around 55 and wiser and others.
12Q: Will people judge me if I don’t have a perfect body?
A: No! Attendees are all shapes and sizes. You will find that people in the Lifestyle are some of the least judgmental people you will meet. Dress in what you feel comfortable wearing and rock it, you won’t be judged.
13Q: Do you have a dress code?
A: Yes. Different Venues have different requires and all Attendees must follow them. There is no complete nudity allowed. You are able to wear lingerie and sexy attire as long as private parts are covered.
14Q: Do you have a theme for the Festival
A: Yes, Fetish Friday and Naughty or Nice Saturday. (You are not required to dress in the themes.)
15Q: Am I able to have additional guests stay in my hotel room that I purchased with my package?
A: You are able to have additional guest stay in your hotel room as long as they have purchased a ticket that includes the After Party. Guests that have purchased Expo Only Tickets are able to be in your room during Expo hours, but are expected to leave when the Expo is over. No outside guests are allowed in the hotel if they have not purchased a Ticket. (Hotel may charge for any standard King or Queen room that has more than 2 people in in.)
16Q: Can I pay for sex?
A: No, this is not allowed and any violation will be escorted from hotel grounds by security.
17Q: Am I able to leave the Festival and come back?
A: Yes, only for the purchased days though. Once you check in, you will receive a wristband that will allow you to come and go as you please during the Festival hours on the purchased days.
18Q: Where do I enter the Promotional Code?
A: Above all of the ticket options, in bright green letters, click on Enter Promotional Code.
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