Exhibitor FAQ's

Here are some commonly asked questions at Sex Expo by attendees. We tried to cover all general enquires below. If you have any other question than listed below then feel free to use the contact form.
1Q: Who attends Swinger Sex Fest?
A: Swinger Sex Fest’s main demographic is anyone over the age of 21, that is a Swinger or in one of the various Lifestyles. We target couples and singles in the various lifestyles that have a wide of income and interests.
2Q: How many people do you expect to attend the Swinger Sex Fest in 2018?
A: We have one Festival planed in 2018. With Minnesota being our first Festival, we aren't really sure what to expect. Our Twitter and Instagram accounts were started on September 26, 2017 and we already have over 30,000 followers between the two. We expect a minimum of 4,000 people each day, with a goal of 7,500 each day, at the Expo portion of the Festival. Subsequent years are expected to increase by a minimum of 30%. In 2019, we will be adding at least two additional Festivals.
3Q: Who Exhibits at Swinger Sex Fest?
A: Adult Entertainment Venues, Sex Toy Retailers and Manufacturers, Sex Product Manufacturers, Lingerie Retailers and Designers, Swinger Campgrounds and Clubs, Swinger Social Media Sites, Authors, Erotic Artists, Boudoir Photography, Tattoo Shops, Various Sexual Service Providers or Consultants, Beauty Products and Services, Sexual Enhancement Products and Services, Alcohol Distributors, Travel Agencies, Adult Movie Companies, Adult Swinger Event Services, and anyone else that has a product or service that would be beneficial to our demographic.
4Q: Where will you hold Swinger Sex Fest?
A: Our Festivals will typically be held at hotels so our Attendees can enjoy drinking and not have to worry about driving. Our Minnesota Festival will be held at the Hyatt Minneapolis March 30-31.
5Q: Do you offer Exhibitor Packages?
A: Yes, please click here.
6Q: How is Swinger Sex Fest promoted?
A: Swinger Sex Fest will be promoted on the various Lifestyle Social Networking sites, Brochures will be provided to Clubs, Toy Stores, House Parties, etc. throughout Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. An Affiliate Program is being designed to encourage business to promote the events. A press release will be sent to the Lifestyle Media Outlets as well as ads will be placed in various magazines and on websites. Full Marketing Plan will be released soon.
7Q: Can my staff be under age 21?
A: No, all Exhibitors and Attendees must be over the age of 21. No exceptions!
8Q: When will I be able to move in?
A: The Thursday before the show.
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